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The Dorchester Hoard, May 1936

On May 11th 1936 a workman engaged in building work in South Street, Dorchester, uncovered two bronze vessels and the remains of a wooden keg containing 22,121 silver coins from the third century. The coins were subsequently declared treasure trove and taken to the British Museum where they were cleaned and recorded. The British Museum retained 3000 coins and a further 1500 went to the Dorchester Museum. The remainder were then disposed of by the finder. The Dorchester Hoard was deposited c.260 AD and comprises almost entirely silver Antoniniani with the earliest of Julia Domna and the latest of Valerian II. In total the hoard contained 8890 coins of Gordian III and nearly 5,000 of Philip I but with over 600 of Volusian and about 120 of Elagabalus, plus fewer examples of other emperors. 

Unfortunately, we have no coins from this hoard at present


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