The Flavian Emperors - Coins of Titus, 79 to 81 AD

Vespasian's elder son reigned through some major disasters (including the destruction of Pompeii), but was well liked, especially for the lavish ‘games’ which he staged in the newly opened Coliseum.  He died suddenly of malaria after a short reign.


Silver denarii

Denarii were the standard silver coins of the first and second centuries AD.
25 denarii made 1 golden aureus and one denarius was worth 4 sestertii
A typical denarius measures approximately 18 mm in diameter.


RC 3327 - silver denarius of Titus

RC 3327 - silver denarius of Titus, Rome mint 79 AD
obverse - IMP T CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG (reading outwards)
reverse - TR POT VIII COS VII - kneeling captive in front of trophy of arms.
This might refer to victory in Judea or to the campaigns of Julius Agricola in Northern Britain


RC 3148 - Titus (79-81 AD) - silver denarius

RC 3148 - Titus
(79-81 AD) - silver denarius of 80 AD
reverse - TR P IX IMP XV COS VIII PP - thunderbolt on draped table.



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