Coins of Nero, 54 to 68 AD

Nero became Emperor when his mother poisoned her husband, the Emperor Claudius and Claudius' heir Britannicus. History has not been kind to Nero who did not ‘fiddle while Rome burned’ but he did lavishly overspend and did murder his way through his reign. He eventually committed suicide to escape arrest & execution.



One 'brass' (or 'orichalcum') sestertius represented one quarter of a silver denarius.
A sestertius was a substantial coin -  measuring about 30-35 mm across and about 3-4 mm thick.
The Romans expressed large sums in sestertii, rather than other coins.


RC 3318 - A superb sestertius of Nero

RC 3318 - A superb sestertius of Nero, Rome mint 64 AD
reverse - SC - no legend - triumphal arch*

* This arch was erected on the Capitoline Hill to celebrate victories in the east but was demolished following Nero's demise.
On top it shows Nero in a triumphal quadriga (4-horse chariot) with the figures of Victory and Pax (peace) on either side.


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